The best one line sales pitch: 13 examples of winning one liners

Ever heard a one-liner that just stopped you in your tracks?

A combination of the right words put together to form an irresistible phrase can be the recipe for success for your sales pitch.

Want to know what a good sales pitch one-liner looks like? You’ve come to the right place.

In this article, we’re going to dissect 13 of the best sales pitch lines we’ve seen and show you how to use these same principles in your own sales pitch.

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13 of the best sales pitch one-liners we’ve ever seen

In your sales pitch, every word counts. That’s why we spend so many hours refining and adapting our sales scripts: we want to get the words just right.

By checking out what’s working for others, you can get ideas on how to phrase your own pitch and persuade your prospects more effectively.

Let’s dive into 13 of the best sales pitch one-liners, and what you can learn from them:

1. “Hey. We can lower your distribution costs. Let me know who to talk to.”

Why this is so great for sales: A low-pressure pitch based on one clear benefit

This is the famed Hipmunk sales pitch that earned this travel startup a response from the then-CEO of United Airlines.

It works because it’s simple: this one-line pitch focuses on a single benefit to the customer. And in just a few words, it strikes up a casual tone that senior executives rarely hear.

Especially when you’re reaching out to the C-suite, brevity is essential. Imitate this example by getting straight to the point with one clear benefit.

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2. “Avoid a larger bill with your current hosting provider and save $500 a month with us.”

Why this is so great for sales: Uses the principle of loss aversion to create urgency

Benefits are an essential part of your pitch. But remember, some customers will be more convinced by hearing about the pain they can avoid rather than the gains they may get.

That’s why this sales pitch line works: it shows the customer exactly what they can avoid by working with you.

3. “Imagine how different your week would be if you could save 45 minutes every day on manual data entry.”

Why this is so great for sales: Gets the prospect to imagine themselves as a customer

The imagination is a powerful tool. Once prospects get the idea in their head, it’ll be hard for them to stop imagining it.

Any sentence that starts with the word ‘imagine’ will help your prospect envision their future as your customer. Then, they’ll persuade themselves that they need your product or service.

4. “We change the way organizations communicate their video content through on-boarding, training, and knowledge sharing as well as externally through sales, marketing, and customer support.”

Why this is so great for sales: Clearly identifies core customers

This is one of the best pitch one-liners we’ve seen, mainly because it identifies two key things from the get-go:

  • What they do (change the way organizations communicate)
  • Who they do it for (companies using video platforms for sales, marketing, or enablement)

When you have clearly defined customer profiles, your sales pitch can be better focused on that particular profile.

5. “Save an hour every day when you automate the process of cleaning out junk from your inbox.”

Why this is so great for sales: Gives a specific benefit for the customer

Telling your prospect they can save time with your product is good. But telling them they can save an hour every day is a much more powerful argument.

Follow the principle of this sales pitch one-liner by taking the benefits in your sales pitch and making them more specific. Whenever possible, give real data that backs up your statements.

6. “How would this help your business if you had this now?”

Why this is so great for sales: Creates a subtle level of urgency in the pitch

The key in this one-liner is the word ‘now.’ By including this word, you’re suggesting that now is the perfect time to buy, and prospects will begin to think about the benefits of now rather than later.

7. “The Xactly advantage is that we've been in the cloud since 2005.”

Why this is so great for sales: Quickly sets the company apart from their competition

This line (or something similar) should always be in your pitch, especially when you’re pitching to someone who is already familiar with your competitors.

In one sentence, define a clear advantage that sets you apart from the crowd, just like this Xactly rep did. This sets the stage to overcome objections down the road.

8. “I was hoping you could help me out with something”

Why this is so great for sales: Make prospects feel like they’re contributing to something

In the early stages of a relationship, asking for help or advice is much more likely to get you a response than asking for a sale.

That’s why this is one of the best opening lines we’ve seen: it makes the prospect feel special, like you’ve specifically reached out to them because of their expertise (which, hopefully, you have).

9. “The best part is…”

Why this is so great for sales: Draws attention to main points

Within your sales pitch, you’ll want to emphasize certain main points. By using a one-liner like this, you recapture the attention of your prospect and help them focus on the main point that you’re about to tell them.

10. “G2Crowd is the user voice platform for people to accurately say what they think about software and not be told by analysts or people who don't use it or get a reference from the best customer.”

Why this is so great for sales: Pulls at a common pain point

How simply can you describe the main pain points of your customers? This sales pitch one-liner made it into our list of top sales pitch examples because it immediately identifies something that annoys their audience and then flips it to show how their product solves the problem.

11. “Have you ever noticed…”

Why this is so great for quick sales: Gets the prospect on your side from the start

This is one of the best opening lines for sales pitches because it immediately draws your prospect in and has them agreeing with you before you even start your pitch. Use a phrase like this to state an undeniable fact, and then link that to the product that you’re selling.

12. “I work with companies like [peer] to accomplish [goal]”

Why this is so great for sales: Proves your product is meant for a company like theirs

When you show that you work with similar companies to accomplish important goals, your prospects will pay more attention. The key here is to use a company that could be considered a peer. For example, telling an SMB prospect that you work with Google may sound impressive, but the prospect may start to wonder if your product is really meant for a small company like theirs.

Prove you know your customers and that your product can help them by mentioning their peers.

13. “Hi, we’ve never spoken before, my name is…”

Why this is so great for sales: Establishes credibility by being honest from the get-go

Honesty is rare today, and thus extremely appreciated. This is another of the best opening lines for sales pitches because it immediately builds trust by being completely straightforward.

One sales rep who tested 7 different cold call opening lines found this to be the most effective, with about 90% of prospects continuing the conversation after hearing this line.

A combination of the right lines makes the perfect sales pitch

So, take some time to look through your sales pitches and scripts.

What lines need a bit more spice? How can you add more specificity to your benefits? Where can you add a one-liner that adds emphasis to an important point? When can you get the prospect to imagine themselves as a customer?

Take these sales pitch one-liner examples and turn them into something unique and yours. Then, you’ll be on the right track to building a truly effective pitch.

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