Unrivaled CRM support from sales experts

Get honest, no-BS help when you need it most. Meet the support team you can trust.

Fast, reliable help you can count on

You’ve probably experienced the subpar customer support so many other CRMs provide. While they drag their feet with lukewarm assistance, we answer your questions in our first reply.

Close’s industry-leading ticket time and sales experts give you the expertise you need to accelerate your revenue––right now. You’ll get B.S.-free support. If Close isn’t the right CRM for your needs, we’ll be honest and offer a better solution. Transparency guides our every move as a Support team.

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2 emails

Average response for resolved tickets

1.5 hours

Average workday response time

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Full resolutions

Not just replies or unhelpful jargon

World-class support, no matter where you are

The Close Support team is strategically located across 3 continents. Whether you’re working late or up before the sun, we’re here to help.

Our Support Representatives are personally invested in your success. We’re a small (and mighty) team, so you’ll be able to rely on friendly faces as a long-term customer. We may not always have the perfect answer, but we promise to think outside the box to help you accomplish your goal.

After moving our team to Close’s built-in Power Dialer, we saw a 60% increase in outbound call volume and 28% increase in outbound call duration.
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Sarah Haselkorn
Head of Sales at MakeSpace