Product Champion

A product champion is an individual who sees a product as valuable and whose engagement rate is above and beyond in comparison to other users. A champion identifies key features that a product has to offer and aids in development and reviews.

They play a pivotal role in promoting and improving the product, serving as a bridge between the company and its customers. They are not necessarily the creators but are deeply involved in optimizing the product, gathering feedback, and enhancing its presence in the market.

Why is Product Champion Important Today?

Having a product champion is essential, especially when selling to large businesses or enterprise companies. With so many products out there, you need someone who knows your product inside and out. They're not just familiar with the product; they live and breathe it. Product champions are key to building relationships and trust, turning customers into dedicated fans.

In a world flooded with information, a personal touch stands out. Product champions make the product experience feel special and tailored. They share the stories that numbers alone can't convey. They make brands feel personal, turning features into real, relatable benefits. Their energy and passion are not just catchy; they're persuasive.

But product champions are more than just promoters—they're changemakers. They play a crucial role in elevating a product from being just another option to being a preferred choice. They value feedback and criticism, using it to help improve the product. In a time when customer experience reigns supreme, product champions are trusted advisors and allies to consumers.

History of Product Champions

The term “Product Champion” didn't just appear out of nowhere. It has a background and a story. It represents a legacy built on time, learning, and a whole lot of hard work.

In the past, companies were strictly about job titles and ranks. The bosses decided, and everyone else followed. But a change occurred when it became clear that products needed more than managers—they needed defenders and advocates.

That’s when product champions came into the picture. These individuals were not limited by their job titles. Instead, they were known for their dedication, expertise, and enthusiasm for the product. They became the product’s voice, a bridge connecting the technical teams, management, and customers.

How to Implement Product Champion in Sales

Introducing a product champion to your sales team is like unlocking a special feature. They bring a human touch that turns standard sales pitches into meaningful chats and changes ordinary sales into lasting relationships.

So how do you bring this special element into play? It begins with spotting the right person. Take a look at your team. More often than not, potential product champions are already there, blending in, ready to step into the spotlight. They’re the ones who get the product, connect with clients effortlessly, and believe wholeheartedly in what the product can achieve.

Once identified, it's time to back them up. Arm them with the right tools and freedom, and give them a stage to shine. Include them in the feedback process, get them involved in developing the product, and let their voice echo the customers' within the company.

It’s crucial to remember that being a product champion isn’t something you can script. It’s a role that grows and changes naturally. These champs aren’t working from a predetermined playbook; they’re creating it with every customer they talk to, every piece of feedback they receive, and every success they notch up.

Frequently Asked Questions About Product Champions (FAQs)

What is Another Name for a Product Champion?

A Product Champion can also be referred to as a Product Evangelist, Product Ambassador, or Brand Advocate. These terms are synonymous and represent an individual who is passionate about promoting and improving a specific product.

What Does a Product Champion Do?

A Product Champion promotes and advocates for a specific product, translating its technical aspects into benefits that resonate with customers. They collect feedback and serve as a link between the company and its customers, aiding in refining the product to meet user needs and market demands. Their role is grounded in their passion and belief in the product’s potential and value.

What are the Skills of a Product Champion?

The skills of a Product Champion include exceptional communication abilities, keen listening, analytical thinking, and adaptability. They are adept at turning complex product features into compelling narratives and are responsive to market trends and customer feedback. A distinctive trait of a Product Champion is their passionate belief in the product they represent.