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Boston, MA
The practice of greater sales.
  • Virtual Sales Training
  • Sales Strategy
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"Sales is about being genuine, authentic, and strategic in your approach."

For more than 20 years, Hoffman has been a leading consultant for industry leaders throughout the world on the topics of sales, sales management, and sales operations. The salesforce training programs are designed to address every sales skill needed to build pipelines, empower your team, and sell with confidence. Every sales team is unique. The sales training programs by Hoffman are designed to arm your sales team with the skills and tactics they need to maximize potential and win more deals. With a modular approach to sales training, you’ll have the flexibility to customize program delivery in order to address the specific needs of your organization. Hoffman answers some of sale's most puzzling questions by focusing on the "how" instead of the "why."

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Blu Mountain

If you're an early stage tech company without strong revenue leadership, Blu Mountain can help. With a decade of B2B SaaS experience Johnny Sengelmann and his team provides the analysis, execution, and training you need to grow.

  • CRM implementation
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Krieg Consulting
Stuttgart, Germany

With our services and tools, your agency sales team is only one step away from being the sales force you have always dreamed of.

We masterfully train your sales teams in cold calling and closing, and install our Superpower-CRM to immediately increase your sales team's performance.

Our CRM system eliminates 90% of a sales rep's tasks so they can 100% focus on what they are paid for: acquiring new customers and selling the agency's services.

  • Superpower CRM
  • Cold calling training
  • Sales rep training
  • Recruiting sales reps
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