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Huntington, NY
RM Factory is a sales enablement and marketing agency that creates marketing and sales content, and develops and operationalizes marketing strategies.
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RM Factory was born from the knowledge that every customer relationship begins at the first point of contact. They have been building ‘customer experiences’ well before the phrase customer experiences (CX) became part of the marketing and sales lexicon. RM Factory provides clients with world class expertise in a more nimble environment and ensures clients are aligning all marketing, sales and operations resources to deliver the best possible customer experience that drives long term value.

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Sales Playbook Builder
Ottawa, Canada

Sales Playbook Builder is the simplest and most effective way founders and entrepreneurs can create a repeatable and scalable sales engine that runs itself. Drew "Sales Playbook Builder" Williams is a proud father, entrepreneur and sales growth specialist from Canada. He helps founders build sales playbooks to drive repeatable, scalable revenue.

  • B2B SaaS
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Sales Sniper
Melbourne, AU

Sales Sniper is a sales agency specializing in done for you high ticket sales, sales system building and sales training. Sales Sniper has an average monthly sale value of 1.5 million dollars sold for their clients. If you are looking to be a high ticket closer savage, they are your team. Their sales training is not normal, easy or standard. They teach people how to close like a world class sales rep. They expect a lot from you and will give a lot back.

  • High ticket sales
  • Sales system building
  • Sales training
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