Accelerate your growth with the CRM built for SaaS

Convert your trials and demos into customers faster with the high-performance CRM built for starting up—and scaling up.

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Double your demo, trial, and deal conversions

You get one step closer to the deal with every touchpoint. Personalize bulk email templates with custom lead data, and automate your follow-ups until you’ve got 'em on the hook.

Leverage automation to accelerate your outbound efforts

Let your competitors waste their time dialing number after number. With call automation tools like a Power Dialer and Predictive Dialer, even bootstrapped teams can make hundreds of calls each day — no overtime required.

Thousands of SaaS leaders use Close to grow at-scale

Easy-to-use sales tools that help SaaS teams scale

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Keep selling. We’ll handle the busywork.

Time-consuming admin won’t move the needle. Close automatically syncs your emails and logs every call—and text—your team makes. Save call recordings—and save your brain power for high impact work.

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Unlock the key to pipeline velocity.

Most SaaS CRMs are filled with extra fluff that gets in your way and slows you down. Close was designed around the optimal sales workflow, so you can get more done with less clicks.

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Ramp up new hires in a fraction of the time

Growth should never slow you down. Empower new sales reps to hit the ground running by sharing outreach lists and winning email templates. Fearlessly drop new reps into ongoing deals and keep a close eye on their daily output.

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Connect with every SaaS tool in your stack

Make a Slack channel to celebrate your won deals or streamline the handoff with Customer Success. Get everything you need to connect the dots with native integrations, Zapier, or our damn good API.

Close is more than a CRM: It's a sales philosophy.

I just finished your book, Product Demos That Sell. I work in Sales as an SMB rep for Zoom, and this book is a great reference for my career. This will definitely stay by my nightstand as a once a month refresher.
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Evan Byerly
Account Executive at Zoom