The Startup Sales Playbook

This is the playbook you need to build and scale a winning sales team and process. Learn the best tips and tactics around:

  • Identifying your perfect sales model
  • Prospecting new leads like a pro
  • Forecasting revenue & growth
  • Perfecting cold outreach
  • Using video throughout the cycle
  • And so much more...
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90+ pages of tactics to smash your goals

The Playbook is filled to the brim with results-driven insights:

  • Identifying your perfect customer
  • Building your outbound program right the first time
  • Crushing your lead generation goals
  • Cold calling and emailing tactics that breakthrough
  • Handling objections like a boss
  • Mastering the follow-up
  • Stepping up your closing game

Featuring 8 templated assets for easy customization.

Case Study Template
Competitor Comparision Chart
Case Study Template
No items found.
Steli Efti
CEO of Close

Getting a sales team off the ground, acquiring those crucial and game-changing first customers, figuring out your initial sales process, and transforming it into a predictable, scalable revenue growth machine—it’s both thrilling and soul-crushing at times. On a day-to-day basis, you’re faced with so much rejection and disinterest, it’s disheartening. Inevitably, there will be times when you doubt…well, everything: your team, your sales approach, your company, your idea, your market, and most of all yourself.

We’ve helped thousands of founders navigate these dangerous waters. It all starts with a solid plan, but unfortunately a lot of sales advice is outdated. If you sell the way people sold in the year 2010, you’re way behind the curve.

That's why we teamed up with today's sales leaders to write this playbook, to guide you in the creation—and optimization— of a badass sales team and process that will accelerate your success NOW and in the years to come.

Go get 'em!