More focus, more visibility, more deals won.

Get a unified view of your sales pipeline with a drag and drop workflow, simple customization, and actionable revenue insights.

This ain't your run-of-the mill Pipeline View

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Add multiple pipelines for greater precision

Users on Pro or Business plans can create multiple pipelines for different teams, products, and sales processes.

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Always up to date and ready for action

Close's powerful Smart View filtering to keep your Pipeline View updated—automatically.

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Better sales forecasting and goal alignment

Get an instant view into the actual and expected values within every stage of your pipeline as a one-time, monthly, or annual total.

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Simple and intuitive for reps

Update deals with one-click. Drag and drop to advance your leads to another stage.

Track real team impact with Pipelines

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The ability to make multiple pipelines has been super helpful for our team. We’re able to group our leads into segments and process those pipelines separately, and we can break out renewals and new business.
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Evgeny Milyutin
Founder, Happy Numbers

Instantly transform your sales pipeline into an action-oriented view

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Get a battle-tested workflow

We've worked with thousands of ambitious sales teams. Through that experience, we created the best Pipeline View to accelerate your daily sales workflow.

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Minimize data entry

Spend more on what matters—closing big deals. The Close Pipeline View makes it fast and easy to add and update your leads and sales stages.

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Keep your team in sync

Transparency is essential to a successful sales process. The Pipeline View keeps your entire sales team (and company) on the same page, all the time.

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Increase focus and output

Take the friction out of your sales process. With the Pipeline View, reps get an action-oriented unified view of all their sales activities and to-dos.

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'Out of the box' reporting

Finally, CRM reporting that is robust AND easy to pull. Quickly get insights into the health of your sales pipeline—no development or sales ops required. Including full Opportunity Funnel Reports.

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Included in ALL Close plans

No matter what Close plan you're on, you can take advantage of the powerful Pipeline View. Give it a try with a free 14-day trial of Close.

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