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Pipedrive is great, it has a lot of features. But we sensed as we wanted to grow prospecting efforts, its features were limited. We could build a remote sales team with Close in a more scalable way.
Ryan Groth
Ryan Groth
Founder, Sales Transformation Group
Close is not bloated with functionality making it difficult to migrate to or use. I moved from Pipedrive to Close, so it's a great comparison. It was simple to implement all the existing views/flows I had in Pipedrive.
Philip O'Flynn
Philip O'Flynn
I have used HubSpot, Pipedrive, Google Sheets, Airtable, and more as a CRM, but Close is simply awesome. If I had questions, the support was amazingly fast in their replies––and that is all I need.
Patrick Breitenstein
Patrick Breitenstein
Co-Founder & CEO, RisePartner

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