SyncSpider CRM Integration

SyncSpider emerges as a cutting-edge iPaaS solution, predominantly tailoring to the ever-evolving needs of the eCommerce sector yet flexibly catering to a spectrum of other industries.

At its core, it is committed to offering an unparalleled integration and automation experience for all Close users. The platform empowers users to effortlessly export from Close CRM, encompassing a comprehensive range of functions from listing contacts, activities, users, and opportunities, to detailing tasks, roles, lead statuses, pipelines, and a myriad of custom fields. But the prowess of SyncSpider doesn't end there.

With a formidable capability to import to Close CRM, users can seamlessly add new leads, contacts, roles, tasks, and even intricate activities such as email workflows. What sets it further apart is its compatibility with over 350 apps, ensuring a holistic integration experience for every user.