QuotaPath CRM Integration

QuotaPath is a tool for growth teams to automate and manage commissions, track and forecast earnings and quota attainment, and pay reps accurately and on time.

With the QuotaPath integration, you can connect and sync your Close data to:

  • Import all of your Close deals over automatically  
  • Map Close users to QuotaPath members for easy team set up  
  • Sync your team’s comp plans with Close CRM data  
  • Calculate earnings and attainment from Close deals    

This integration allows for a single source of truth for both team attainment and earnings – no more dual entry in multiple tools. Less confusion, more time setting demos and closing deals.  

Integrate QuotaPath with Close in 3 easy steps:  

  • Create a free QuotaPath account
  • Copy & paste the API key from your Close instance
  • Map fields and define status types using the CRM sync wizard  

Get automated commission tracking to help grow your business. Try QuotaPath for free.

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