Integrately CRM Integration

For Close CRM users, Integrately offers ready automations that can transform the way you manage your sales and customer interactions like:

  • Automated Lead Follow-up: Whenever a lead is added or updated in Close, you can automatically email them or update related tasks. This ensures that every lead gets the tailored attention they deserve.
  • Synced Tasks & Opportunities: Create or update tasks in Close based on specific triggers. Similarly, when an opportunity is created or its status changes, automate actions like sending out proposals or notifying the sales team.
  • Automated Team Communication: If an email is sent or received in Close, you can use Integrately to automatically update related contacts or leads. Moreover, for every call or SMS logged in Close, you can set up automations to update relevant notes or tasks.
  • Enhanced Reporting: When specific activities like 'Email Workflow Subscription' or 'Opportunity Report' are initiated in Close, automate the process of sharing these reports with your team or saving them in your preferred storage solution.