Glances CRM Integration

Glances integrates Close with all your favorite workplace apps, acting as your go-to hub for real-time customer insights and personal tasks.

When you connect Close with Glances, you can access your lead’s activities, tasks, and opportunities in one convenient view, anywhere online. No matter the app or webpage you are working in, simply click the Glances widget to instantly pull up your live data across multiple apps.

How Glances Works

Searching for information across web apps wastes time and drains your productivity daily. Glances was built to securely connect all of your apps and provide a simplified view of the data you need in real time, no coding necessary. Glances works on any webpage you visit and within any app or platform you use, so you and your team can eliminate roadblocks and get back to The simplest way to work™.

✔️ Search all of your apps at once

✔️ Get fresh, real-time results

✔️ Eliminate clicks and tab switching between apps

✔️ Perform actions for one app while working in another