The insurance CRM that turns leads into lifelong clients

Win more business and keep clients renewing year after year.
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Get the workflow optimized for insurance sales

Close was built to optimize your sales process. With native calling, SMS, and email sequencing you’ll be able to follow up faster than ever before.

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Contact leads over email, phone, or SMS
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Easily import new leads in bulk
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Keep track of every lead, contact, and conversation
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Get meeting reminders in your CRM
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Assign tasks and leads to your team

Secure, powerful sales tools for growing insurance teams

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Accelerate agent and broker output

Keep everything in one central place so any agent can answer a client inquiry in a snap. Spend more time writing quotes and less time juggling different tools, devices, and communication channels.

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Frictionless renewals, like clockwork

Get proactive with your re-quotes so your clients don’t have a lapse in coverage or look elsewhere. Automate contact lists for key dates before renewal, so you always reach out at the most opportune time.

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Maximize referrals with minimal effort

Build real relationships with your clients by staying in touch throughout the year. Set up email automations to share updates and ask for referrals. With Custom Fields, you can track exactly who’s bringing you business.

Expert partners to support your growth every step of the way

We only grow when you do. Since 2013, Close has been a leading authority on SMB sales, and has helped thousands of businesses optimize their sales approach. Whether it’s technical support, training, or additional services, we’re here to guarantee your success.

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Trusted by insurance pros, including leaders from

The fastest adoption time of any CRM on the market

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Some CRMs take months to implement and are bogged down with features you’ll never use.

Close is decidedly different: it’s easy to get started and works just like you do. That’s why we’re a top-ranked CRM for adoption by G2.

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