When you sync your Gmail account to Close, you'll unlock the power of our native integration. Close connects to your Gmail account and sends from your own email server in Gmail. This turns Close into your communication hub for emails, calls, and SMS: you never have to leave your CRM during your workflow.

You can send emails from Close or Gmail -- and Close will automatically log any email, regardless of how it was sent. In addition, Close syncs all past emails with your Leads even before you were using Close. So you'll have full historical context on your relationship with prospects and customers, directly in Close.

An added benefit to syncing your Gmail account with Close? Transparency across your teams. All Close users who have access to shared Leads will also be able to see recent emails, historical outreach, and more. You'll know who reached out last, when they connected, and what was discussed.

This native integration allows your team to operate in one efficient app all day: Close.