Fireflies CRM-Integration

With the Fireflies - Close integration, you can automatically log your calls and AI meeting notes into your CRM.

Meeting notes will be automatically logged in Close under the appropriate contact. A link to your transcript, audio recording and brief notes will be included.

  • Record: Instantly record meetings across all major web-conferencing platforms. Invite Fireflies or have it automatically capture them.
  • Transcribe: Fireflies can transcribe live meetings or audio files that you upload. Skim the transcripts & listen to the audio simultaneously.
  • Collaborate: Add comments & flag important moments on calls for teammates to easily review.
  • Search: Review an hour long call in less than 5 minutes. Filter to action items, dates, metrics, and other important topics.
  • Analyze: Conversation Intelligence generates insights around talk time, topic trends, sentiment, and much more.
  • Integrate: Automatically push your meeting notes and data in your CRM and other tools, seamlessly integrating with your tech stack.