Nutzen Sie die Leistung von KI, um die Beziehungen Ihres Unternehmens zu Interessenten und Kunden schneller als je zuvor zu steuern. 

The new Close GPT helps powerful things in Close that save you time: 

  1. Building filtered lists of Leads & Contacts: Ask Close GPT to filter your database down to a very specific set of folks you want to see, such as qualified Leads that haven't been contacted in 30 days. Close GPT will provide you with the list––already built in Close––in seconds.
  2. Summarization: Ask Close GPT to review the information on any Lead in Close and provide a summary of your relationship with this account in a short, well-organized way––including call transcriptions and summaries. This is perfect for quickly evaluating upcoming renewals. Close GPT can even tell you if the Lead is Qualified or going to buy using this context, draft you an agenda for a renewal call, and more.

Watch our full overview of the Close GPT here in a helpful video.