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October 31, 2023

Oktober Verbesserungen

What’s New

  • Customers that have an approved A2P 10DLC campaign will automatically get SHAKEN/STIR Level A attestation.
  • We updated the Call Assistant transcript UI. There is now a different colored icon for each user and an updated transcript layout, making it easier to read and scan

  • If a new contact is included in an email thread within a Lead, you can add that person as a contact in one click. 
  • We've added the ability to easily copy and share a lead page.

  • We updated our mobile app:
    • Added push notifications for incoming SMS, missed calls, and new voicemails
    • Added an option in call settings to disable inbound calls to your device
    • Added quick action buttons (Email, SMS, Call)
    • Updated the search bar so that it always shows directly instead of appearing in a popover
  • We launched a new version on Zapier that improves all actions related to Notes.
  • We updated how thumbnails show for attachments and improved the spacing for Activities in the Lead Activities list.
  • We changed how replies to text messages work. Now, when you reply, Close will automatically use the same phone number that sent the original SMS, as long as that number is still available.
  • When you receive a voicemail and get an email notification from Close, the link in that email will now take you to the Lead with the voicemail filtered in the activity feed.
  • If an email fails to send for any reason, you can now edit the email and attempt to re-send it.