Custom Fields & Activities

Faster, smarter scaling with the customizable CRM.

Personalize your CRM with the specific needs of your business using Custom Fields and Activities in Close.

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Improve your outreach with unique Custom Fields & Activities.

Easily track and organize the most important details about prospects in your CRM.
Qualifying calls
Product demos
Marketing engagement
Form and survey completions
Event and webinar RSVPs
Chat messages
Invoices and billing
Job title or company type

Centralize your workflow

Tracking touchpoints in other apps? Use Custom Activities to sync it all to Close.

7 Custom Activities use cases to amplify your sales process.
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Personalize your sales process

Use Custom Fields to track lead communication preferences, save prospect social profiles, and more. Create unique fields for each of your departments and teams to level up your communications.

7 ways to improve sales and customer engagement using Custom Fields.
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Streamlined, insightful pipeline data

Use Custom Fields on Opportunities for more organized account-based and multi-product sales. Track third-party billing and invoicing data, product or service types, multiple proposals, and even won/lost deal reasons.

6 ways to use Custom Fields on Opportunities for cleaner pipeline reporting.
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CRM customization your reps will love

Mojan Butler
Director of Development & Partnerships at CoPilot AI

Having Custom Activities has reduced our need to open other apps on a call, copy and paste, or even remember what questions need to be asked. This saves an incredible amount of time when gathering information.

Alex Patton,
Director of Marketing Operations at

I love how flexible Close is. Being able to automate our workflows with such precision from into Close gives me incredible confidence in our sales flow. And the new Custom Activities are really sweet!

Kyle Stremme
Business Development Partner at High Kick Sales

I can do so much more in a layered CRM situation now with Custom Fields on opportunities.

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