Product Updates

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August 26, 2019

Summer Bug Squashin'

Our team likes to fix the annoyances and irritations that bug our customers throughout the year. In the last couple of weeks, our team has been busy squashing some of those frustrating issues, including:

  • Showing you all of your email sequences when you have more than 100—great work, that's a lot of sequences!
  • You can reply to an SMS from someone who isn't a lead yet in your Inbox;—that's just a lead you haven't met yet 😉
  • Activity Overview report tiles now show graphs at the beginning of a time range even when displaying relative time ranges (like this week compared to last week).
  • Picking a new phone number? Countries are now sorted alphabetically in the selection menu.
  • Imports are now assigned to the user who performed them—no more mysteries about who imported the lead you're looking at.
  • Keyboard shortcuts now always apply to your active call (rather than an incoming call), and also now reliably work on Smart View and search result pages.
  • Easier ways to search for and report on bulk email and incoming calls.
  • ... and over a dozen more fixes for the features you use every day. Some you may notice right away, and some you may never see at all, but we think it's important to share the little wins, along with the big ones.