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June 15, 2023
New Feature

Sequence Improvements: Lead Assignment and Send As

We've just introduced a few brand new features to help your teams scale with Sequences.

Assign User Steps

You can now automate lead assignment logic in sequences via our Assign User step.

  • You can specify which field should be assigned when the step runs
  • The step supports both overwriting an existing user or only assigning if the field is empty, as well as unassigning the User if desired
  • Once you’ve selected your action, you can decide whether to assign a specific User or select a User at random
  • When selecting a User at random, you can select All users, or one or multiple Groups based on your needs.

You can now assign leads to users on your team automatically via Sequences

Keep in mind that additional steps (e.g. emails, calls, sms) following the Assign User step are optional.

Sequence Send As

When creating Sequences, you will now be able to specify who the sender of each Sequence step should be.

Your options will include both static and dynamic selections:

  • Enrolling User - The current experience. The step will send from the User subscribing the Contact to the Sequence.
  • Specific User - The step will always send from the same User. Think “Email from the CEO as the 3rd email” sequences.
  • Assigned User - The step will send from the User assigned to the Lead via a User Custom Field.

This will allow you to create a single sequence that can be used across team members more easily.