Product Updates

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March 13, 2023

Sequence Enhancements

- New call pausing experience: We’ve removed the 30-second auto-pause logic for sequence calls, and introduced a new button on the call itself to mark the sequence as responded.

You can now simply click "Mark as Responded" to pause active sequence while making calls.

- Improved response detection: Any incoming email, SMS, or answered call, as well as any outbound call where the user marks the contact as having responded will now automatically pause the sequence and mark it as responded.

- Enrollment changes: You can now enroll a contact into a sequence even if they do not have the contact information necessary to complete all steps (e.g. the contact has no phone number but the sequence contains calling or SMS steps). Previously we would reject the enrollment in these cases, which forced teams to create multiple iterations of each sequence. Moving forward, these steps will simply be skipped if they cannot be made based on the contact's information.

- Processing changes: We will now continue with sequences if a single step errors in an unresolvable way (e.g. bounced emails, failed calls, undeliverable SMS). Future steps of the same type will be skipped to avoid compounding issues (for example we wouldn’t attempt future email sends in cases where a previous email bounced), but we will continue processing the sequence in case another step type can still be attempted.