Product Updates

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September 30, 2022

September Improvements and Bug Fix Roundup

  • Custom Activities now have their own category on the Lead/Contact Search Filter Sidebar.
  • We also added a new “Any Custom Activity” section there, with new “Any Text” and  “Status” filters.
  • We added the Save feature to the Opportunity Funnel Report. It’s now possible to save, clone, update and delete added reports. Saved reports can be bookmarked and shared between users of the same organization, but only the creator/owner of the report can make changes to it.
  • We’ve added a few Importer improvements:
    • Contacts will no longer be merged if only the phone number matches.
    • Field auto-detection will now only assign Lead ID if the data includes Close Lead IDs.
    • We improved the error message alerting the User if the Lead ID field is manually assigned to a column without Close Lead IDs.
  • We expanded an interaction area of selection dropdown options.
  • We now display a tooltip for the Contact Name if it’s truncated.
  • We applied a fixed width for the timezone selection dropdown menu to avoid changes in size while scrolling through the list.
  • We updated the sidebar menu with the new color and design.
  • Bug Fixes:
    • We fixed an issue where we did not correctly display an error when exceeding Smart View limits.
    • We fixed the problem where adding more filters to the same group of filters would break the search.
    • We fixed an issue where multi-contact custom fields on the Pipeline view were displaying as a single value incorrectly.
    • We fixed the Help Popover preventing it from overflowing the screen and not being able to send the Support message.
  • Mobile responsiveness improvements:
    • We added a clickable backdrop behind the sidebar menu on mobile screen sizes. It now closes the navigation sidebar allowing Users to interact with the rest of the page.
    • We moved a Lead Status selector to the sidebar to alleviate responsiveness issues and group like items together.
    • We fixed a couple of issues where popover menus would not close as expected on mobile devices.
    • We fixed the problem with certain date pickers being broken on mobile.