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April 26, 2023
New Feature

Scheduling Links + Calendly Integration

Effortlessly add your scheduling links to your emails and allow others to schedule meetings with you.

My Scheduling Links

You can now add your meeting links from any scheduling tool to Close. Once you have these scheduling links saved in Close we then make it easy for you to insert these into an email or template. You can find scheduling links in Settings -> under the customizations section.

Scheduling Template Tags

You can also set up Scheduling Template Tags, enabling your team to map their individual link to be dynamically inserted when used. Perfect for when you want multiple folks to use the same template. No more creating duplicate email templates for each person to add their link.

One more thing. You can use our new Calendly integration to sync your scheduling links automatically. With this new integration you can:

  • Sync your active Calendly event types (and your team's if you are a Calendly Admin) with Close
  • Add Calendly links to emails and templates
  • Map your synced Calendly links to scheduling template tags