Product Updates

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June 20, 2019
New Feature

Saving and Sharing Activity Reports 🎉

No more changing filters every time you want to look at your weekly sales activity, and then your monthly sales activity, and then your quarterly sales activity, and on and on 😅 — that's right, you can now save your custom Activity Comparison & Overview Reports.

Your saved reports are private to you, so you can create as many reports as you need to get the insights you need into your sales activity. But when you need someone else on the team to see a report, sharing is just a click away.

When you share a saved report, the folks you share with will be able to follow along with any changes you make to the report. You don't have to save a report to share it, though. Every time you change a filter, metric, or sort, you can share the exact configuration you're currently looking at—perfect for sharing a surprising insight or asking a question about an exciting surge in new leads.