Product Updates

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October 31, 2022

October Improvements and Bug Fix Roundup

  • We added a feature that allows you to share Smart View via a link. Keep in mind that if you adjust the filters and click “Save” (not “Save as Copy”), the change will be reflected for each User having access to that Smart View.
  • Lead/Contact search tables with a lot of columns can now be scrolled side-to-side, with the name column staying fixed to the left-hand side.
  • We added the ability to Unenroll Contacts from a Sequence directly from the Lead page
  • The “To Do” list in Sequences is now filtered by the communication window. Leads whose local time is outside the communication window for the Sequence are not included.
  • We added the ability to insert Template Tags in the Subject field through a dropdown menu while editing Email Templates.
  • On mobile, the Lead details and Activity Feed are now shown in separate tabs.
  • On mobile, the Lead Activity creation menu (new Note, Call, SMS, etc.) now renders as a dropdown menu (instead of a row of buttons).
  • We added the following new integrations to our Integration page (Seekwell,, Balto, Skyvia, InvoiceBerry, Docsales).
  • We fixed an issue where Lead Page tooltips stayed on screen when power dialing