Product Updates

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November 30, 2022

November Improvements and Bug Fix Roundup

  • We’ve added a few Importer improvements:
    • The “Is between…” operator is added to number filters to select a range with options to exclude/include either side of the range.
    • Changing an operator won’t reset a filter value in the Filter Sidebar anymore if the new operator is compatible with the value.
    • Clicking on a filter token a second time won’t make the filter disappear in the Filter Sidebar anymore.
    • We exposed new fields in the “Custom Activities” → “Any Custom Activity” section:
      • “Date created”
      • “Date last updated”
      • “Created by”
      • “Last updated by”
  • We visually refreshed the top of the Inbox page (the tabs for switching between Inbox item types)
  • Mobile improvements:
    • We improved the structure of our footers displayed in the pop-up screens (primary actions and “Learn about…” links placement).
    • We improved tooltip behavior - buttons, links, and checkboxes that have tooltips will now activate on the first touch rather than showing the tooltip on the first touch and then activating it on the second touch.
  • The “Create a Lead” button has replaced the “Import” button on the new Leads page when a search result is empty.