Product Updates

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March 31, 2024

March Improvements

What’s New

  • Easier Access to Edit Smart Views: You can now edit the name and permission settings of Smart Views directly from the ‘More’ menu in the page header.
  • Add New Users Directly: Organization Admins can now add new users directly, replacing the old invite system and making user setup faster and more straightforward. Additionally, the Zapier action "Create Invite" has been renamed to "Add User" to align with this new process. This name change should not break existing Zaps.
  • Enhanced Visibility to Email Follow-Up Options: The email interface now clearly shows the two options available ("Follow Up" and "Enroll in Workflow") if the recipient does not reply.
  • More Efficient Bulk Processing: When bulk emails and actions are run simultaneously, they are now processed in separate queues. Previously, bulk emails and actions shared a queue, which could cause delays if either process was long-running.
  • Relocated Email Attachment Button: When composing an email, the attachment button has been relocated from the activity footer to the formatting toolbar for easier access.
  • Search Within Snippets: You can now search for Snippets by the text within their bodies, simplifying the process of finding the snippet you need without having to remember its name.
  • Link to Specific Activities via Zapier: An activity_url field has been added for each activity type in Zapier—Call, SMS, Note, Email, Meeting, and Custom Activity. This feature allows direct linking to specific activities for easier access.

Bug Fixes

  • Improved Accuracy of Call Assistant Summaries: We've enhanced our Call Assistant to more accurately attribute dialogue, reducing instances of incorrect speaker identification.
  • Fixed Activity Date Filter: The date filter on the lead page now correctly filters activities based on the activity date.
  • Addressed Broken Avatar Images: Avatars that fail to load will now display the user's initials until the image can be reloaded.
  • Resolved Email Attachment Sharing Errors: Fixed an issue where attempting to share email attachments to external services, like Google Drive, would result in an "Unauthorized" error.