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June 29, 2023
New Feature

Lead Visibility Permissions

We've just introduced the ability to restrict which leads each member of your team can view in Close.

  • By default, all default and custom roles within Close have Lead Visibility set to `All Leads`
  • For new and existing custom roles, you can now toggle this setting to be `Limited Visibility`.
  • Once the role is set to Limited Visibility, you will decide which User Type custom fields on the Lead should control visibility for that role.
  • Each Role can have up to three (3) fields controlling the Roles' visibility, and each Role can use a different set of fields (e.g. your Sales role can use the Sales Rep field and Success can use a Success Rep field).
  • Optionally, teams can decide whether Users in the Role can see unassigned leads (e.g. leads with no one in the Lead Owner field)
You can now set up Lead Visibility permissions for each Custom Role.

A few quick additional notes about Lead Visibility:

  • Users with Limited Visibility will only see data in Close that is related to Leads they're able to view. This applies to Leads, Contacts, Opportunities, and Reports tabs, as well as Search.
  • Users with Limited Visibility cannot view another User's Inbox.
  • Admins and any User in a role with the Manage Organization permission will also be able to see Visibility Summary on each lead in case you need to quick see who is able to view any particular lead.
You can view the Visibility Summary on any lead to see who can view that lead.

For more details and a setup walkthrough, check out our help center article here.