Product Updates

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June 30, 2022

June Improvements

  • You can now compare different time periods in your Opportunity Funnel Report. This new filter is available for day, week, month, quarter or year comparisons.

  • It’s also now possible to compare Opportunity Funnels across Close users. Knowing the relative performance of your team members, at each funnel stage, helps you efficiently allocate your coaching efforts. Compare user to user, user to group, or group to group within seconds.

Some changes you’ll notice when comparing Close users:

  • Metric Tiles are replaced by a User Comparison Summary table.
  • For 2 users the Graphs are shown side-by-side for ease of comparing. For 1 or 2+ users the Graph shows aggregated data.
  • The Stages table in the bottom section is replaced by User Comparison table. Each pipeline stage is shown per user.

  • We’ve also given you more control over managing your invoices. You can now download all your invoices in one place. Head over to Your Billing Payment Settings page and click the description to initiate downloads for Subscription, Usage Credit and Usage Summary Invoices.
  • You’ll now notice smarter usage billing when you have a credit balance. In the event your account has a credit balance, those funds can now be applied to your telephony usage charges. Previously, those credits would only be applied to subscription charges. Keep an eye out for more billing enhancements over the coming month.

Additional June improvements:

  • Changed default option in auto-complete to new Search (instead of old Search) when there are no suggestions in the Search box.
  • Improved the wording of the Sequence Detail Modal to clarify why emails fail with a “revoked Send As permission”.