Product Updates

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June 30, 2023

June Improvements and Bug Fix Roundup

What’s New

  • For customers who want to integrate Custom Activities with third-party integrations, we added the ability to copy custom activity IDs.
  • Invites now expire 1 week after being sent.
  • There is a new limit of 300 opportunities per lead.
  • The "Send Later" action has been re-designed making it easier to pick a date and time from any device.
  • In the Close API we improved Lead address validation for Canadian provinces/territories. This matches our current validation for US states (“British Columbia” → “BC”).
  • In Zapier we updated the following to support both plain and new HTML (rich text) notes: new note trigger, create note action, and update note action.
  • Also in Zapier "New or Updated" Custom Activity triggers were superseded by the simpler "Published Activity". This will trigger only when an activity is published (saved) in your Close app. Existing Zaps using a New or Updated Custom Activity trigger will continue working as-is. In the case of a more complex trigger scenario, you can use the New Event trigger.
  • We released a new version of our Zapier integration that uses OAuth authentication which replaces API keys for all new Zaps. Existing Zaps that are using API keys will continue working as-is. For more information, you can check out our Zapier help article.

Bug Fixes

  • Lead and Contact SMS buttons will now be disabled if the only number on the Lead or Contact is blocked or if there are no phone numbers.