Product Updates

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July 29, 2022

July Improvements

  • The sidebar will automatically collapse itself on narrower screens (it can still be manually un-collapsed).

  • Split Opportunity Badges will now show the hover tooltip properly when the text is truncated. This also applies to all other places where a tooltip was conditionally shown when text is truncated.
  • The Lead Activity search input is now behind an icon on narrower (laptop & down) screen sizes.
  • The layout of the Lead Activity filters has a better layout for mobile.
  • "Copy to clipboard" button added to Custom Fields in Custom Fields section on a Lead page. It's shown when you hover your cursor on a Custom Field.
  • Changes to Custom Activity fields (create, delete, edit, reorder) are reflected in the Custom Activity form without having to refresh the app.
  • Leaving a Voicemail Drop no longer pauses a Sequence Subscription with a calling step. Previously it did, as if leaving a VM Drop was the same as having a meaningful conversation.
  • We now emit an “answered” Event whenever a call is answered. This allows certain 3rd-party integrations to act immediately when a callee picks up (e.g. turning on real-time coaching on the Close user’s computer).
  • When deleting a Document from a Regulatory Bundle the confirmation dialog text shows more information about the document you are deleting.