Product Updates

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January 31, 2022

January Improvements Roundup

  • We raised the limit of allowed contacts per lead from 200 to 300.
  • We updated the design of the upcoming meeting notification bar. Additionally, we no longer show the notification bar if the meeting is canceled and if the current user did not respond to the upcoming meeting.
  • When a Trial user wants to choose a plan but exceeds the account usage limits (Email templates, Pipelines, Custom Activities, etc.), we notify and instruct them how to address it.
  • When removing a user, we only show reassignment options for the types of objects (task, opportunity, email, etc.) that are currently assigned to that user. We also present how many of these objects would be reassigned.
  • We improved the display of the “Role” column on the Team Management page.
  • We redesigned Email, SMS, and Status Change badges in the Lead Activities feed so that users have an easier time telling the difference between different Activity types.
  • We now send users emails when their regulatory bundles are accepted or rejected by Twilio.
  • We display email attachments preview, in the new tab, instead of an immediate “open or save file” prompt. If a user actually wants to save the file, they can still do it afterward (e.g., with Cmd/Ctrl + S).
  • We now give more context around what’s about to happen when you attempt to remove a Connected Account.
  • We made the “activities are being filtered” message in the lead page more sticky, so you’ll always have a chance to remove the Contact filtering if needed.