Product Updates

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January 30, 2022

January Bug Fix Roundup

  • We improved our email renderer so that the UI doesn’t freeze with certain email bodies anymore.
  • We fixed an error when users want to bulk update a “User” type Lead Custom Field with an inactive user.
  • You’ll no longer see a confusing “Object does not exist” error if you try to send an email associated with a deleted email account.
  • The Primary Opp. Status column now shows data correctly on the New Lead Filtering page.
  • We fixed an issue where the New Lead Filtering page would break if it tried to load a User Custom Field query with an inactive user.
  • We fixed an issue where adding a Custom Field with a comma in its name as a column on the Leads page would break the page.
  • Users with a comma in their names can now invite new users to their organizations.
  • You’ll see more consistent names in the table headers across the Lead search (e.g., “Company” with “Name”), Contact Search (e.g., “Contact Name” with “Name”), and Importer sections.
  • You can now decide whether you want to automatically archive your Gmail emails or not when you hit “Done” in the Close Inbox. The toggle is exposed in the Connected Account Settings under “Done/Archive Sync”.