Product Updates

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December 31, 2022

December Improvements and Bug Fix Roundup

  • A Call Sequence step now has a default delay of only 1 day unless it’s the first step. In which case, it’s still immediate. The default delay to allow step completion has also changed from 1 hour to 3 days.
  • Search autocomplete items can now be opened in a new tab:
    • with cmd+click or cmd+enter (on Mac)
    • with ctrl+click or ctrl+enter (on other platforms)
    • by right-clicking and selecting “Open Link in New Tab”
  • The Search Filter Sidebar now comes with icons.
  • When loading a Smart View, the filter tokens section is now closed initially on the Leads and Contacts pages.
  • Long links in Notes are now truncated to prevent a horizontal scrollbar from appearing.
  • Long Pipeline names and status names are now truncated where appropriate.
  • Icons in the filter bar are now top-aligned, improving the look and feel of filters with longer names.
  • The “Email” field in our “Forgot Password” screen auto-focuses when the screen is opened.
  • The “New Password” field in our “Create a new password screen” auto-focuses when the screen is opened.
  • The placeholder in selectable dropdowns now has the correct color to make it clear that nothing is actually selected.
  • Since Custom Object instances always require the name to be set, we now show an uneditable fixed field in the Objects field settings.
  • Bug Fixes:
    • We fixed an issue where users with a mobile device could not log a Call manually on a Lead without a phone number.
    • It is now possible to convert a custom field from type text to type multi-choice.
    • We fixed an issue where a required item in a Custom Activity would sometimes need to be selected twice to pass validation.
    • We fixed an issue where updating a Custom Activity, Opportunity, or Contact resulted in their “Hidden” type Custom Field values being unset by mistake.