Product Updates

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March 8, 2024
New Feature


We released a brand new Conversations page in Close. Easily find and review calls and meetings without digging through leads.

  • Keyword and phrase filtering. Search through notes, transcripts*, and summaries* to find calls and meeting about a particular topic.
  • Filter by call properties. Filter to only show calls in particular directions, over or under certain durations or talk time percentages*, or only for calls that were recorded.
  • Filter by User or Smart View. Review calls made by a particular User or calls made to Leads in a particular Smart View.

Filter to only show calls that meet desired criteria
  • Save views for easy access. Easily saves your filter sets to avoid having to recreate them later.
You can save your set of filters as a view for easy access later.

** Transcripts, summaries, and talk time percentage are only available on calls made with Call Assistant enabled.