Product Updates

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March 24, 2022
New Feature

Calling on Sequences and more

It’s now possible to add Calling as a Step to your Sequence - improve your workflows and the effectiveness of your prospect communication. Add (required or optional) Calling steps, assign a Caller or a Group, enroll your Contacts and start calling them from a new To Do section, showing on the Overview tab in the Sequence details.

Apart from that, we’ve added the following improvements:

  • We show more details about Sequence-related statuses and errors and how to handle them.
  • We now use Contact’s timezone for scheduling emails and Sequence calls.
  • We added a User filter to the Sequences Report.
  • It’s now possible to search for Contacts in a particular Step and see all the Sequences that Contacts are enrolled in a dedicated Sequence column in Contact Filtering.
  • We added support for Sequence reassignment when removing a Connected Account.
  • It’s possible to bulk enroll Contacts to Sequences in the Contact and Lead Filtering.
  • We added a search box along with Active and Archived filters to the Sequences list view.