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December 11, 2023
New Feature

Call and Meeting Linking

Calls will now automatically attach to Meetings in certain scenarios to help declutter your activity feed.

Calls will now attach to Meetings if we detect the call is part of the Meeting.


  • Calls placed from Close less than 15 minutes before the start of the meeting or during the meetings scheduled time will be automatically attached.
  • The call must be placed to number associated with a contact attending the meeting or a phone number listed within the meeting itself.
  • Multiple calls can be linked to the meeting in case or disconnects or unanswered attempts.
  • Calls attached to Meetings are still tracked in reporting as they were previously.
  • Notes taken within the Meetings field are also reflected on the attached calls when accessed through the API.
  • At this time calls can not be manually attached or detached from meetings.
  • Calls will only be attached when the Meeting exists prior to the call being placed. There is no historical linking associated with this feature.