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October 9, 2023
New Feature

Call Assistant

We just launched a brand new AI-powered Call Assistant. When enabled, you'll gain new functionality on any calls recorded in Close.


Call Assistant will automatically transcribe all of your recorded calls made through Close.

  • Know exactly what was said in calls without painstaking review
  • Skim the transcript, and jump to points in the conversation just by clicking on text
  • Speaker labels help you understand who said what on the call
Timestamped and speaker labeled transcriptions

  • You can also search through any transcriptions. At the transcription level, find instances of any words being spoken, or use Lead search to find all leads that have transcriptions containing specific words or phrases.
Search keywords and phrases across all transcripts


  • Call Assistant will generate a short summary after each call based on the transcript.
  • Get the gist of each conversation without having to rely on notes. Easily review you or your team’s previous interactions with a customer much faster than previously possible.
Let Call Assistant handle note taking for you with AI generated summaries

We're celebrating with a free access period! 🎉

Close customers can enjoy free access to Call Assistant through November 8th.