18 Top Sales Conferences for B2B Sales Professionals

How would you like months of sales training power packed in a couple of days? Sales conferences are all about such accelerated professional development. The cherry on top is the networking opportunities and relationships you can build with smart sales professionals from across the globe.

But you want to find the kind of conferences that have a presence of industry thought leaders and cover the latest research and industry tactics. Below is a vetted list of the best sales conferences in 2024 with past attendee feedback (where available).

Best Conferences for Sales Professionals to Network and Improve Their Skills

Want to improve your skills and boost your sales career? Then these are the conferences you should be thinking about joining:

1. Forrester B2B Summit North America

Best Conferences for Sales Professionals to Network and Improve Their Skills - Forrester B2B

Run by: Forrester

Dates: May 5-8, 2024

Type: In Person and Virtual

Location: Austin

Last year, the Forrester B2B Summit North America was a 3-day event focused on thriving in a rapidly changing market. With 100 sessions led by 90 Forrester analysts, it brought together B2B sales, marketing, and product leaders to learn how to align with customers.

This year's summit will delve into understanding the evolving customer and buyer landscape, particularly in the context of generational shifts and the growing influence of Millennial and Gen Z buyers. It will offer strategies for functional alignment in marketing, sales, and product development, centered around customer value and growth.

Additionally, there will be a strong emphasis on leveraging data, technology, and AI to stay competitive, as well as evolving go-to-market approaches and revenue processes in light of economic uncertainty and the advent of generative AI.

Professionals attending the summit can expect to gain actionable insights and strategies to transform their businesses and succeed in this new era. The event promises to be a crucial learning, networking, and growth platform. Reservations are open, inviting attendees to be part of this transformative experience.

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2. Sales Success Summit

Best Conferences for Sales Professionals to Network and Improve Their Skills - Sales Success Summit

Run by: Sales Success Media

Dates: October 7-8, 2024

Type: In Person

Location: Austin

Sales Success Summit is an intimate event that boasts the top 1 percent of sales performers as presenters. It’s tailor-made for individual contributors, though they also welcome sales leaders. The above photo shows “this is your brain on sales” by Ian Koniak from one of the sessions in 2022.

For a more intimate experience, they host a Basecamp event. Limited to just 40 participants, it offers a community retreat vibe. Additionally, they offer an "All Access Pass" that grants you two virtual community sessions per month and exclusive access to their Slack Channel.

All their speakers have been on the “Sales Success Stories” podcast. The criteria for qualifying for this show is an active, quota-carrying individual contributor—they should be at least in the top 1 percent of performers or the number one at a large sales organization.

3. The Surf & Sales Summit X

Best Conferences for Sales Professionals to Network and Improve Their Skills - The Surf and Sales Summit

Run by: Scott Leese, Richard Harris, and Jeff Coleman

Dates: November 15-19, 2024

Type: In Person

Location: Costa Rica

The Surf & Sales Summit is a one-of-a-kind sales event that teaches you to surf on the beach at Playa Grande in Costa Rica. You immerse yourself in the wisdom of sales wizards Scott Leese and Richard Harris while enjoying the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean. You can expect a great mix of people, including ICs, CROs, founders, and even product managers.

Derek Harvey, a Partner Manager at BreachLock Inc and a past attendee, shared his experience, ”Can't recommend this enough! The learning, the relationships, the surfing, and the food. It's truly something that shouldn't be missed."

“Don't do what I did and watch from the sidelines for years, jealous of the pictures and the stories but thinking, 'I don't surf. That's not for me.' I know surf (poorly), and I can't wait to go back!”

4. Dreamforce

Best Conferences for Sales Professionals to Network and Improve Their Skills - Dreamforce

Run by: Salesforce

Dates: September 17-19, 2024

Type: In Person and Virtual

Location: San Francisco & Salesforce+ (which is the company’s free online membership)

Dreamforce is the annual flagship event of Salesforce, a renowned CRM company. Touting itself as an “epic celebration of customer success,” it brings together its partners, customers, developers, and industry leaders under one roof.

There were 1,000+ sessions last year, comprising workshops, keynotes, and demos by an impressive lineup of speakers from various industries, including tech, entertainment, politics, and more. It’s a mega business conference to learn, network, and promote your brand. You can watch the last year’s highlights and important moments by checking out Dreamforce Live on Salesforce+.

5. She Sells Summit

Best Conferences for Sales Professionals to Network and Improve Their Skills - She Sells Summit

Run by: Women Sales Pros

Dates: To be confirmed for 2024

Type: In Person

Location: Boston

She Sells Summit is an annual event that unites women in B2B sales leadership, including AEs, BDRs, SDRs, sales managers, directors, VPs, and professionals from other functions. Its purpose is to inspire and facilitate connections for finding mentors or sponsors.

Last year, the summit featured a series of sessions centered around mentorship by executives from Lavender, inFirst, Aria Partners Inc., and others. Though this year’s summit is over, you can watch all the sessions on their website in exchange for your contact information.

6. National Sales Conference

Best Conferences for Sales Professionals to Network and Improve Their Skills - National Sales Conference

Run by: Lincoln West

Dates: June 27, 2024 (London), November 14, 2024 (Birmingham)

Type: In Person

Location: London and Birmingham

National Sales Conference is a leading personal & professional development event for leaders, sales teams, revenue teams, and customer success teams. They proudly call themselves a content and delegate-led event and let you choose between four tracks to design your customized learning program: Performance, Sales, L&D, RevTec & Enablement.

There will be 20+ speakers with keynotes, workshops, and roundtables. As it’s a CPD-accredited event program, you’ll get a learning certificate.

Best Sales Conferences for Business Leaders in 2024

Are you leading your own sales team, or looking to enter a leadership role? Then these leadership conferences should be on your list:

7. Gartner CSO & Sales Leader Conference

Best Sales Conferences for Business Leaders in 2023 - Gartner CSO.

Run by: Gartner

Dates: May 21-22, 2024

Type: In Person

Location: Las Vegas, NV

Gartners CSO and Sales Leader Conference is a leading sales conference encompassing invaluable industry insights, roundtable discussions, and research updates from the technological research and consulting firm.

David L., the CEO at Ascent Cloud, had the following three takeaways to share from this year’s edition:

  • "Maximizing seller impact depends on asking them to do less, not more. We need to take away low-value activities from reps to increase their focus on high-value selling activities.
  • Sales planning and territory planning are great examples of things that should be automated to give time back to sales teams. This frees up their time focusing on empathy hacking and cognitive decoding.
  • Don't forget about sales managers when it comes to your tech stack. Rep performance management is a critical solution for sales managers.”

Below is one of its sessions on ”Prioritizing the Human Touch: Connecting Buyers & Sellers” by Robert Blaisdell, Gartner Senior Director Analyst, and Alice Walmesley, Gartner Director of Advisory.

8. Innovation Roundtable Summit

Best Sales Conferences for Business Leaders in 2023 - Innovation Roundtable Summit

Run by: Innovation Roundtable®

Dates: Nov 5-7, 2024

Type: In Person

Location: Copenhagen

Innovation Roundtable Summit is a 3-day interactive event facilitating knowledge-sharing between innovation managers. It consists of presentations and roundtable discussions by senior speakers at large corporations. You’ll get ample time as an attendee for informal networking as well.

This year the summit combines sessions in marketing and HR departments with keynotes, track talks, and labs by 30+ speakers, including the likes of Anneli Gunnarsson, the Chief Operating Officer of Digital IKEA, and Ed Doran, Chief of Staff & Advisor at Google Search. Last year, over 630 participants from 273 multinational firms participated in the event.

9. Nordic Business Forum

Best Sales Conferences for Business Leaders in 2023 - Nordic Business Forum

Run by: Nordic Business Group

Dates: September 25-26, 2024

Type: In Person and Virtual

Location: Messukeskus, Helsinki, Finland

Nordic Business Forum is a 2-day conference for business leaders with 6500 attendees from 50+ countries.

In 2024, the conference features a dynamic lineup of speakers, showcasing the insights of Brené Brown, a research professor at the University of Houston and author of six #1 New York Times Bestsellers; Adam Grant, an organizational psychologist at Wharton, bestselling author of "Think Again," and host of the podcasts "WorkLife" & "Re:Thinking"; and Bozoma Saint John, former Chief Brand Officer at Uber and ex-Global Chief Marketing Officer at Netflix.

If you want to get a taste of the ideas shared at the previous conference editions, their conference website offers a download of event summaries. You just need to share your contact information in exchange.

10. Sellers Summit

Best Sales Conferences for Business Leaders in 2023 - Sellers Summit

Run by: Sellers Summit LLC

Dates: May 14-16, 2024

Type: In Person and Virtual

Location: Ft Lauderdale, Florida

If you’re an Ecommerce business owner selling physical products or want to start a store, Sellers Summit is a great event to learn the latest trends and industry insights. Its lineup of speakers for 2024, included 7-figure Ecommerce agency owners, successful store owners, PPC and Pinterest marketing experts, Amazon experts, etc.

11. Inbound

Best Sales Conferences for Business Leaders in 2023 - Inbound

Run by: HubSpot

Dates: September 18-20, 2024

Type: In Person

Location: Boston, Massachusetts

HubSpot’s annual marketing and sales conference, Inbound, is a leading event to learn sales tactics from industry experts. It boasts an impressive lineup of speakers on diverse subjects, including sales strategy, customer experience, RevOps, culture & community, HR, sales operation, and more. Previously they have had the likes of Barack Obama speak at the event.

It consists of multiple open-air stages hosting a variety of programming formats. You can consider joining the event to network with industry professionals, learn the latest developments in the industry, and catch up with HubSpot’s product updates.

Conferences for Sales Teams in SaaS and Tech

The tech world is constantly evolving. If you want to keep up with the latest in SaaS and tech sales, then keep these conferences in mind:

12. Web Summit

Conferences for Sales Teams in SaaS and Tech - Web Summit

Run by: Web Summit

Dates: November 11-14, 2024

Type: In Person

Location: Lisbon, Portugal

Web Summit brings together over 71k tech professionals from 160+ countries and became one of the world’s biggest technology events. It happens at various locations worldwide, but it will be in Lisbon in 2024. Leading European startups and the four big tech companies, Apple, Google, Amazon, and Microsoft, attended the event last year.

Nero Okwa, a Product Manager at QuantumBlack, shares his recommendations for attending the conference based on his 2022 experience:

  • “Decide what you want from the experience – a new opportunity, funding, or networking.
  • Review the agenda to know which topics and sessions are most valuable to you!
  • Use conference apps to track the schedule of the events and network with other attendees.
  • Network and strike up conversations with other attendees. It can be daunting, but it gets better with practice.
  • Have Fun!”

13. SaaStr Annual

Conferences for Sales Teams in SaaS and Tech - Saastr Annual

Run by: SaaStr

Dates: September 10-12, 2024

Type: In Person

Location: San Francisco, Bay Area

SaaStr Annual 2024 is an outdoor style 3-day event that pitches itself as “the world’s #1 cloud gathering.” It boasts 2000+ networking sessions, 1000+ VCs and investors, 300+ speakers from leading SaaS companies worldwide, and 150+ deep dives, workshops, and classes.

The event focuses on providing actionable advice and learnings on growing your business from $0 to $100M ARR. Israel Blenchman, the owner of TLM Marketing, summarized his 2022 experience as “efficient growth.” Here’s his detailed account of the conference.

14. Product-Led Summit

Conferences for Sales Teams in SaaS and Tech - Product-Led Summit

Run by: Product-Led Alliance

Dates: February 13-14, 2024

Type: In Person

Location: Austin

Product-Led Summit is a congregation of world-class product leaders with an impressive lineup of speakers this year, including Nikhil from Wayfair's Order Delivery org, specializing in tracking, data management, and analytics of customer orders; Nicholas, a versatile product manager with experiences at Adobe and Koder, focusing on marketplaces, education, and recruiting; and Adam, an adept product manager in cybersecurity with a background in identity and access management at IBM and enterprise security at Calendly.

The agenda is packed with engaging topics, such as simplifying leadership and management, scaling teams in hypergrowth, advancements in AI hardware, the integration of Product-Led Growth (PLG) and Sales-Led Growth (SLG), building trust in remote work environments, and the evolution of product strategy.

15. Slush

Conferences for Sales Teams in SaaS and Tech - Slush

Run by: Student-led Not-for-profit Movement

Dates: November 20-21, 2024

Type: In Person

Location: Helsinki, Finland

Slush is a non-profit, founder-focused event that gathers entrepreneurs, operators, and investors to share actionable advice on building companies.

This two-day event attracts industry leaders from various sectors, including content production, enterprise software, Ecommerce, Fintech, social media, venture capital, and food delivery. It's a gathering of the who’s who in the startup and tech world.

Last year, the event witnessed 800 meetings an hour. The Slush Matchmaking Tool is a cool addition to the conference, allowing you to pre-book meetings on the event days at the Slush venue.

Top Sales Enablement Conferences in 2024

If you’re building a sales enablement process for your team, these are conferences you’ll want to think about:

16. Sales Success Summit

Top Sales Enablement Conferences in 2023 - Sales Success Summit

Run by: Allego

Dates: June 4-6, 2024

Type: In Person and Virtual

Location: Boston, USA

Organized by a sales enablement software, Allego, the Sales Success Summit is an event for professionals who work in sales leadership, training, enablement, and other departments that support sales. The event focuses on providing insights to revenue teams on how buyers buy today.

In 2024, the conference will be graced by a distinguished array of leading figures in the enablement sphere. While the full list of attendees is still being finalized, the event promises to feature influential personalities comparable to the likes of P!NK’s drummer Mark Schulman and Tiffani Bova from Salesforce, who have attended in the past. This gathering is set to be a highlight for professionals in the industry.

17. Sales Enablement Summit

Top Sales Enablement Conferences in 2023 - Sales Enablement Summit

Dates: Throughout the year

Location: Worldwide

Run by: Sales Enablement World

Sales Enablement Summit is a series of events brought together by the largest collective of sales enablement leaders. It’s scheduled around the world with dates into the next year, including the cities of Sydney, London, Toronto, and Singapore, bringing together 250+ speakers and 2000+ attendees.

Its audience profile consists of 80 percent of professionals from large companies and startups with $50M+ in revenue, with the seniority level spread across VP, director, manager, and a bit of C-suite. You can expect content around growing a career in enablement, deploying a tech stack, considerations for building an enablement program, and the like.

In the US, the conference is scheduled in Las Vegas, Seattle, San Francisco, Boston, Chicago, Austin, New York, and Denver. Check out the event website to find out the dates for the event at a location near you.

18. Shift Customer Conference

Top Sales Enablement Conferences in 2023 - Shift Customer Conference

Run by: Seismic

Dates: To be confirmed for 2024

Type: In Person

Location: San Diego, California

Shift Customer Conference is based on keynotes and breakout sessions to help you refine your sales enablement strategies. Its attendees are not solely sales enablement leaders, though, but also marketing, customer success, and operations functions.

In 2024, Seismic's multi-city tour promises an exciting and dynamic experience, with details still to come. Attendees can expect a range of engaging activities, networking opportunities, and insightful sessions. While the exact agenda is yet to be announced, Seismic is known for its commitment to bringing valuable customer stories and the latest trends in enablement to its events. Stay tuned for more information on how to register and the full lineup of what's in store for this year's conference.

How to Get the Most Out of Attending a Sales Conference

How to Get the Most Out of Attending a Sales Conference

Jana Krekic, who helps Ecommerce entrepreneurs with Amazon listing translations, has spoken and attended 50+ live conferences worldwide. Her most important insight is “go out there and talk to people you have never met.” It’s sound advice, given that you can today find a lot of new industry research and insights even virtually.

If you’re a delegate attendee, networking with people at a conference can be overwhelming. Here’s how to manage it:

Be Purposeful: Understand Why You’re Attending a Conference

How to Get the Most Out of Attending a Sales Conference - Be Purposeful

Mizan Rahman, an entrepreneur and investor, recommends being “clear as to why you’re attending and what you want to achieve” at a conference.

He shares the following based on his experience at a couple of conferences, “On this occasion, our focus was to drum up some more partnerships and business, without the expense of sponsoring a stand or interest in attending talks/tracks. Therefore, we looked at who’s attending, sponsoring, and presenting, then looked for businesses that align with our services.”

You can consider pre-arranging meetings using conference apps to stay organized.

Connect with People ASAP

You may meet lots of people at these conferences and have a lot of conversations. Rahman expounds how your “well-intended connection request may get diluted.”

His advice for a hot opportunity?

“Keep a proper record of the people you meet and try to connect with them, with context, right away” on a relevant channel: email, Slack, or a message.

Prepare and Plan Ahead

While conferences can be a great learning experience, you must prepare for it. If you’re short of time, Monica Rawicz, the founder of 100Ninjas, recommends hiring a VA for a bunch of things, such as:

  • “Researching and finding “hot topics” on the conference agenda
  • Completing your paperwork related to applications and registrations
  • Coordinating travel arrangements
  • Figure out the people you want to meet at the conference
  • Get support for your post-conference game plan and maximize your lead generation opportunities.”

Scale up Your Sales Career as a Conference Attendee This Year

To level up your skills, you have to do the work: cold call, prospect leads, and build your pipeline. But participating in a sales conference can provide fresh perspectives, tactics, inspiration, and invaluable connections that can change your career’s trajectory.

We already looked at some of the top conferences. Here are a few additional ones you can consider joining this year:

When you encounter a conference or event with an agenda and speakers that truly resonate with you, it’s time to persuade your manager to sponsor it. If you cannot bear the expenses for a physical conference, you can also consider on-demand sales training in the form of online courses and ebooks.

Wondering where to start? Get the Follow Up Guide from Close CEO, Steli Efti:

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