24 Best Email Finders From Websites & Social Sites (+How to Do it)

Your sales team will only be as good as the leads you provide them. Targeted, authenticated leads will convert at a higher rate and increase your chances of connecting.

There are email finder tools that will automate much of this for you, but we teach you how to find email addresses from websites so you can do this yourself.

To give you the knowledge you need to find valid emails via websites, we cover the following:

  • What is an email finder from website tool?
  • 7 methods for how to find an email address from a website
  • Compare email finder from website tools at a glance
  • 9 best email extractor tools for websites
  • 5 best free email finders by domain name
  • 10 best email extractor tools for social networking sites

Whether you want an email finder tool or not, we’ll teach you how to find emails from websites. We start by defining this type of approach and the best methods to use.

What is an Email Finder From Website Tool?

An email finder from a website tool is a web app, browser extension, or software solution that finds and collects valid email addresses that can be integrated into your lead-generation process. Most tools verify emails to ensure that the emails you gather are authentic, significantly increasing your email delivery rate.

While corporate email finder tools all help you generate high-value leads, there are a few main tool types that make it easier to distinguish between the solutions available. To make this distinction easier to make, we clarify the main email finder tool types below:

  • Email Finder: Find and gather valid email addresses by inputting a professional’s name, job title, company, domain, and other personal information.
  • Email Extractor: Find and extract email addresses from website domains using an automated tool, saving these manual efforts.
  • Email Checker: Verifies and validates email addresses to check the authenticity of emails, increasing your email delivery and response rate.
  • Email Guesser: Predicts business email patterns and offers potential email variations from a first name, last name, and website domain.

Before we compare the best email finder tools, we’ll cover the potential methods for finding an email address from a website domain so you know how to go about it yourself (and how much time and effort you’ll save using an email finder tool).

7 Methods For How to Find an Email Address From a Website

There are different ways to find email addresses from websites, some of which are more automated than others, and some are more manual methods.

We cover all of the options for finding an email address via a website to help you build a list of high quality leads while searching the web.

1. Manually Search the Website Domain You are on


You can find leads "the old-fashioned way" and simply search websites for valid emails and related contact details. This will save you on costs, as you can do this manually. However, as your lead generation demands grow, you can waste significant labor on this task when it could be automated.

Simply find the company website domain and browse pages for email addresses, allowing you to reach out. Start with ‘About,’ ‘Contact,’ and similar pages, then expand your search. If a site search feature is available, search by name, job title, or any other information that defines your lead search.

2. Manually Search Social Networking Sites and Profiles


You can use social networking sites to connect with professionals and companies in your industry. These sites are ideal places to generate leads if you are able to do effective research and find the right information to collect. You can do this manually by searching social networking sites and profiles of professionals and companies of interest.

Search the company's website first to find additional intel to use when searching social media sites. Do the same thing in reverse: search social sites to try to find information that isn't on the company's website.

3. Use WHOIS Data


Photo credit: WHO.IS

WHOIS is a query and response protocol that returns text information about a website domain, such as the registrant(s), assignee(s), expiration date(s), and more. Some solutions, such as WHOIS and ICANN Lookup, offer this service online.

Access one of these tools online and input the website domain (URL) that you want information on. In the report you get, look for “Registrant Contact Information,” which will include the following information:

  • Name
  • Organization
  • Address
  • City
  • State / Province
  • Postal Code
  • Country
  • Phone
  • Fax
  • Email

Some services can block this data, so you will not always be able to get results. However, in some cases, this registrant information will point you to the website domain owner - and a high-level contact to reach out to.

4. Search via Social Media Sites Using Advanced Methods

You’ve likely already checked Twitter profiles for valid email addresses. You may not know there are other ways of finding email addresses, such as via Twitter and other social networking sites. Some users post their email within public posts, requesting people reach out to them.

By searching social media sites for the person’s name or job title, you may be able to find these public messages and gain access to their email. Some users "screen" their email address when posting by replacing the “.” with a “dot” or the “@” with “at” to ensure bots can’t easily crawl and find the email.

Note that this method can only find email addresses that users have posted publicly on social sites.

5. Use an Email Guessing Tool (or Do the Work Manually)


Photo credit: Email Address Guesser

When you can’t find a valid email address when searching, use an email guessing tool that will predict potential email variations. Simply input a name, company, domain, job title, and other identifying information, and these tools will return a list of potential email variants based on standard business email formats.

You can also do this manually, but it will eat up much more of your time. If you do want to go the manual route, search the company's website to find a common pattern used for business emails.

If you can’t find one, try some of the most common variations below:

Template Example
firstname.lastname@domain michael.scott@dundermifflin.com
firstinitial.lastname@domain m.scott@dundermifflin.com
firstnamelastname@domain michaelscott@dundermifflin.com
firstinitiallastname@domain mscott@dundermifflin.com
firstname@domain michael@dundermifflin.com

If you can’t narrow down your options, you can simply send an email to each variation. By default, this method will have a low delivery rate, as only one of these emails is for the contact you are trying to connect with.

6. Perform a Refined Google Search


If you’ve been unable to find results with the more focused searches above, you can use a simple Google search to find contact details. While a Google search may seem like a shot in the dark, you can specify your search.

You can refine your search to a specific domain on Google search. Simply use the formatting below to search only a unique website:

  • site: example.com job title + first name + last name
  • site: example.com job title + first initial + last name
  • site: example.com job title + first initial + last initial
  • site: example.com job title
  • site: example.com department
  • site: example.com service

This is a great way to leverage the power of Google’s search engine while still refining your search to the website domain of interest to you.

7. Use an Email Finder Tool That Offers Domain Search

There are many email finder tools, but there are two main types of email extractor (or domain search) tools. These email extractor tools find and collect the email addresses on the website you are currently visiting and/or in bulk from a list of websites.

Both types of company email finders will save you manual time and effort, allowing your team to focus on sales. Many also offer additional features that will significantly improve the quality of your leads, such as email verification.

Compare Email Finder From Website Tools at a Glance

To compare email finder tools easily, it’s best to compare them by their core features or functions. To do this, we indicate what features the tools listed below offer with green check marks. Each of the following features corresponds with a column in the comparison table:

  • Search by Name: Find an email address for a specific professional by searching their first and last name, as well as other identifying information (such as a domain or company name).
  • Domain Search: Search and extract all email addresses from the website domain that you are currently visiting.
  • Bulk Domain Search: Search and extract all email addresses from a list of website domains, with filters such as name, job title, and company to define your search.
  • Social Network Search: Search and extract all email addresses from the social networking site that you are currently visiting.
  • Email Verification: Verify and validate email addresses for authenticity.
  • Additional Features: Any additional features that the tool has, including things like lead management, outreach, and more.

Use the table below to compare each tool's offerings. Click any of the tools to view more details about it.

Email Finder from Website Tools Pricing Search by Name Domain Search Bulk Domain Search Social Network Search Email Verification Additional Features
Hunter $0 to $499/mo None
LeadMine $0/mo to $149/mo None
SellHack $5/mo to $99/mo Outreach
Lusha $0/mo to $79/mo None
Anymail Finder $14/mo to $299/mo None
FindEmails $29/mo to $99/mo None
Interseller $100/mo to $200/mo Outreach
Overloop (formerly Prospect) $69/mo to $149/mo Outreach
Voila Norbert $49/mo to $499/mo None
LeadGrabber MF Pro $3,495/year/license to $8,495/year/license None
Emailmatcher Free None
Emaildrop Free None
EmailChaser $0 to $97/mo None
RocketReach $53/mo to $359/mo None
Email Extractor Pro Free None
AeroLeads $39/mo to $249/mo None
Dicoverly Free None
Slik Prospector Free None
Datanyze $0/mo to $55/mo None
Nymeria $39/mo to $159/mo None
Snov.io $0 to $3999/mo LinkedIn
Adapt Contact for quote None
ContactOut $0 to $99/mo None
FoxBound DataScout Free Outreach

9 Best Email Extractor Tools for Websites

To help you understand what each tool offers and why they would be a good choice, we break down some of the best email extractor tools below. See a breakdown of costs, how you can access the tool, and then a description of what makes it so great!

1. Hunter


Photo credit: Hunter.io

Cost: $49/mo (500 searches) to $399/mo (30,000 searches)

Freemium Offer: 50 searches/mo + 50 verifications/mo

The best thing about it: Find emails in seconds and connect with decision-makers that matter

Availability: Web app, Google Chrome extension

Hunter is a popular email finder tool that combines convenience and efficiency. With verified email addresses, your team can rely on the leads you generate using this tool.

2. LeadMine

Cost: $0/mo (10 credits) to $149/mo (1,000 credits)

Freemium Offer: 10 credits/mo

The best thing about it: Find, capture, and export B2B contact information

Availability: Web app, Google Chrome extension

Find your target customers’ email addresses with over 95% accuracy so you can market efficiently and increase conversions. Find business emails and contact details, capture and verify them, and export them for your sales team to use.

3. Sellhack

Cost: $5/mo (100 credits) to $99/mo (2,500 credits)

The best thing about it: Verified email address are ensured with a 100% bounce protection guarantee

Availability: Web app, Google Chrome extension

Spend more time selling and less time finding customers by automating your lead generation with Sellhack’s email finder. It integrates seamlessly with your lead management system so you can quickly put leads in the hands of your sales team.

4. Lusha

Photo credit: Lusha.com

Cost: $0/mo (50 credits) to $79/mo (2,000 credits)

Freemium Offer: 50 credits/mo

The best thing about it: Find email addresses and phone number for prospective leads

Availability: Web app

Save time finding leads with Lusha, which will capture verified emails for you. Leverage their contact information to make more meaningful connections during your outreach campaigns. Whether selling or recruiting, this tool will help you root out top leads.

5. Anymail finder

Cost: $14 (50 verified emails) to $299 (25,000 verified emails)

Freemium Offer: Not available

The best thing about it: Find any professional email address with 97% accuracy

Availability: Web app

Anymail finder’s job title search makes it easy to find email addresses when you don’t know the name of the contact you are trying to reach. Bulk search lets you input a list of domains to search for email addresses, along with criteria to define your search.

6. FindEmails

Cost: $29/mo (1,000 credits) to $99/mo (10,000 credits)

The best thing about it: Connect with company decision-makers instantly

Availability: Web app, Google Chrome extension

Connect with key decision-makers, and use additional contact information to make a personal connection. Search by name, company, or job title and collect only verified emails, so you can rely on them for your lead lists.

7. Interseller

Photo credit: Interseller.io

Cost: $200/mo (250 credits)

The best thing about it: Manage lead generation and management from one place

Availability: Web app, Google Chrome extension

Find high-value candidate emails and add them to your lead generation process, all from one solution. Gather targeted leads to use in your sales pipeline, allowing you to grow your sales and business.

8. Overloop (formerly Prospect)

Cost: $69/mo (100 credits) to $149/mo (500 credits)

The best thing about it: A comprehensive solution that lets you find, collect, and utilize leads

Availability: Web app, Google Chrome extension

Find emails while browsing or queue up a list of domains to search. Prospect will collect verified email addresses for you so you can trust in the leads you generate. Their Google Chrome extension makes it easy to grab emails while browsing a site, so you can do so when browsing or researching.

9. Voila Norbert

Cost: $49/mo (1,000 credits) to $499/mo (50,000 credits) | Prepaid $50 (500 credits) to $1,500 (15,000 credits)

Freemium Offer: 50 leads upon sign up

The best thing about it: Flexible pricing with pay-as-you-go email verification and enrichment options

Availability: Web app

Whether you’re generating leads for sales, business development, recruitment, or public relations, Voila Norbert will help you find relevant email addresses and contact info. They verify emails so you can send outreach with confidence and can enrich contact information so you can more effectively market.

5 Best Free Email Finders by Domain Name

If you don’t mind doing some of the research yourself, you can use a free email finder to find emails by domain. Most of these do not offer bulk extraction, so you will need to visit each site yourself. Compare the top free email finder tools below:

1. Emailmatcher

Photo credit: Email Matcher

Cost: Free

The best thing about it: Search a name and domain to quickly get an email address

Availability: Google Chrome extension

Enter a name (first and last) and domain to find any email address in seconds. The tool will search the domain you’ve input, extracting all email addresses for you so you don’t have to do so manually.

2. EmailDrop

Cost: Free

The best thing about it: Collect all email addresses from a webpage in seconds

Availability: Google Chrome extension

Extract emails from websites quickly by searching for emails by name and domain. Their Google Chrome extension is extremely easy to use, letting you quickly extract emails from any domain you are visiting.

3. Emailchaser

Photo credit: MailDB

Cost: Free

The best thing about it: Search for people and scan domains for contact details, verifying emails in bulk

Availability: Web app

Find email addresses on any domain simply using MailDB. Search any domain for all email addresses displayed, which you can then sort through to find the most viable leads.

4. GetProspect

Cost: Free

The best thing about it: Easy-to-use tool that can extract emails from a website domain

Availability: Web app

This powerful email extractor finds and collects email addresses from any domain so you can add them to your lead lists. They also make it easy to verify the email, as it’s extremely simple to use.

5. Email Extractor Pro

Cost: Free

The best thing about it: This email spider software crawls website domains to extract email addresses for you automatically

Availability: Software

This free email spider software crawls website domains and collects valid email addresses that you can integrate into your lead lists. Gather email addresses and other associated contact information, such as phone numbers, video-conferencing information, and more.

10 Best Email Extractor Tools for Social Networking Sites

Traditional websites aren’t the only place to get valid email addresses. Social networking sites and profiles are a great place to find email addresses. Search for both professional and company profiles to find leads. To help you collect emails this way, we compare the best email finders for social networking sites:

1. AeroLeads

Cost: $39/mo (2,000 credits) to $249/mo (30,000 credits)

The best thing about it: Connect with decision-makers for high-impact results

Availability: Google Chrome extension

Leverage powerful social networking sites such as LinkedIn, CrunchBase, AngelList, and more to collect high-value leads. The Chrome extension allows you to quickly add prospects to your lead lists.

2. Discoverly

Photo credit: Discover.ly

Cost: Free

The best thing about it: Research contact details across different platforms conveniently

Availability: Google Chrome extension

Discover valid email addresses and other enriched contact data on prospects so you can drastically improve your ability to sell. Discoverly makes it easy to gather contact information across a number of tools that don’t operate smoothly together, such as Gmail, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

3. Slik Prospector

Cost: Free

Freemium Offer: Free forever

The best thing about it: Find accurate contact details for professionals in your industry

Availability: Google Chrome extension

Prospect qualified leads using the Chrome extension designed for LinkedIn, easily extracting email addresses when viewing profiles. Export these to your lead lists so your sales team can target customers effectively.

4. Datanyze

Cost: Free (10 credits/month)

The best thing about it: Build a highly targeted list of prospects

Availability: Google Chrome extension

Stay within your browser to collect contact details using this Chrome extension. Use this professional contact information, including verified email addresses, to effectively connect with prospects.

5. Nymeria

Cost: $39/mo (100 credits) - $159/mo (1,000 credits)

The best thing about it: Collect verified emails with one cick, improving the value of your leads

Availability: Google Chrome extension

Export high-value leads with the click of a button to build lead lists for your sales team. Extract only verified email addresses to avoid sending emails to invalid addresses that don't return results.

6. Snov.io Email Finder for LinkedIn

Email finders - Snov

Photo credit: Snov.io

Cost: $0/mo (50 credits) to $99/mo (5,000 credits)

Freemium Offer: 50 credits for free.

The best thing about it: Advanced search filters and verification of email addresses in real-time

Availability: Google Chrome extension

‎Snov.io is an email finder and verifier that helps you find and verify email addresses, automate cold outreach, and manage leads in one place. With its advanced search filters, you can find your ideal prospects and verify their email addresses in real time, ensuring a high delivery rate for your outreach campaigns.

7. LeadGrabber MF Pro

Cost: $3,495/year (35,000 credits) - $8,495/year (100,000 credits)

Freemium Offer: 50 credits or 7 day trial

The best thing about it: Connect with C-level executives for great impact

Availability: Software

‎LeadGrabber MF Pro’s account-based lead generation software allows all users access via their own profile, making it easy for all team members to use. Sales, marketing, and lead generation teams can then use this tool to build lead lists and effectively target C-level and other top executives during outreach campaigns.

8. Adapt

Photo credit: Adapt

Cost: Contact for quote

The best thing about it: Automate your follow-ups to connect with prospects

Availability: Web app

Adapt lets you find email addresses from LinkedIn and gather authentic contact details. It also gives access to a database of accurate, reliable business contacts that you can export to your CRM.

9. ContactOut

Cost: From $0/month (4 credits) - $99/month (500 credits)

The best thing about it: Connect with - and hire - top notch talent quickly

Availability: Web app

‎Use ContactOut to find any email and phone number, allowing you to collect targeted leads. They emphasize that twice as many people will open an email as a LinkedIn message and help you integrate your LinkedIn prospects into your email outreach campaigns for greater impact.

10. FoxBound DataScout

Cost: Contact for quote

The best thing about it: Generate qualified B2B emails from LinkedIn profiles

Availability: Google Chrome extension

This Chrome extension helps you utilize LinkedIn to find business emails that you can integrate into your sales pipeline. With better quality leads from this easy-to-use Chrome extension, you can drive sales and growth for your business.

Now that you know how to find and collect email addresses, it’s time to get to it! Choose a solution that fits your needs, and start leveraging the email finder tool to save you time and effort in generating high-value leads for your sales team. If you didn’t find the solution you need here, see our email finder tool master list for more tools.

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