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Close for sales leaders
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How Close Works

Close more deals, faster.

1. Fast setup

Import your Leads and Contacts in minutes with our CSV import tool. Or migrate from over a dozen CRMs using our free, 1-click migration tool.

2. All-in-one selling

Your team will prioritize (and reach) quality leads with ease. Close integrates with your email and calendar out of the box. Plus––built-in calling, SMS, and a Zoom integration.

3. Automate outreach

Use Sequences and automated follow-up reminders to dramatically increase response rates without the hard work. This helps you see ROI on Close in just a few weeks.

Salespeople love Close

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marko mrkonjic avatar
Marko Mrkonjic
Director of Sales @Trufan

We get absolutely raving reviews from our sales and customer support teams using Close. Even our co-founders are very happy.

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michael occhini avatar
Michael Occhipinti
VP of Sales @Naturebox

If Salesforce is ‘Microsoft,’ then Close is ‘Apple.’ As a sales leader, the reporting in Close gives me everything I need.

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kyle stremme avatar
Kyle Stremme
Partner @High Kick Sales

Bar none: velocity, learning, quick KPI reports, and training––every rep I train thinks Close is the greatest thing ever.

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grace edison avatar
Grace Edison
Sales Coach @Sunny Lenarduzzi

Close is the single best CRM, and I’ve used them all. It has increased my follow up rate by at least 50%. It’s a salesperson’s dream.

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jeremy schaller avatar
Jeremy Schaller
Owner and President @Modern Millennial Marketing

Blown away by Close. I've probably used 25 CRMs in my day, and it dunks on every single one of them.

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