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What is a CRM? (Customer Relationship Management)
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CRM software is a category of tools that helps you better manage your relationships with customers. The best CRMs can help you track and organize leads, communicate smoothly with prospects, close deals faster, and retain happy customers. A well-rounded CRM should include features that help you store contacts, make calls, send messages, track data, and analyze your sales process using intuitive reporting features.

How much does Close CRM software cost?
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Close has 3 plan types and ranging from just $49/month for Startup to $699/month for the Enterprise plan. This way, you only pay for what you need based on the CRM features you'll see value in. You can find all our transparent pricing info here on our public pricing page, no need to wait and speak to a member of our team.

Is Close an all-in-one CRM platform?
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Yes, Close is an all-in-one CRM with calling, email, SMS, and reporting built in. We are continually investing in our product to add more next-level automation features and fine-tune the world's best CRM for growth.

Is the Close CRM best for small businesses, startups, or enterprise organizations?
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Close is the only CRM that focuses exclusively on high-growth companies with ambitious sales teams. Our tools are built for heavy outbound sales, and we're a great fit for small businesses and startups who need to scale fast. We're a small business ourselves, with deep sales experience, and we built the Close CRM to support sales teams like us.

How is Close vs. other CRMs?
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You can read our honest breakdown of Close vs. Pipedrive, HubSpot, Salesforce, and more here on our compare page. Close excels as a CRM for sales teams of < 100 people, who need simple, fast tech that's built by salespeople, for salespeople.

Can I try Close for free?
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Yes! We offer a free, 14-day trial, no credit card required. The trial includes all features from our Enterprise plan. This way, you can test all features and then decide which type of plan provides the best value for your needs. Get started here.

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Since we've started using Close, we've QUADRUPLED our average revenue per user.
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