Product Updates

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November 30, 2023

November Improvements

What’s New

  • Call Assistant improvements:
    • As audio plays, the transcript will automatically scroll keeping both in sync.
    • We added speaker charts. These charts display in all calls with transcriptions, and they give you a quick way to see the breakdown of talk time between each person. You can also click anywhere in the chart to navigate to that spot in the call recording.
  • We've made more improvements to our calling service, making our connectivity more robust. Additionally, we will now indicate the calling service status via the phone icon in the top right of the app. The icon will pulse when a connection is being established and will show red if the connection fails.
  • Now, you can click on a column header in a Lead or Contact list to quickly sort by that column.
  • New Email Editor Options:
    • "Clear formatting" this option removes styling from your text.
    • Added a new option that allows you to choose custom colors for your text or text highlights.
  • If a regulatory bundle you submitted is rejected, we'll now include the specific document that was rejected and the reason why.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed native mobile app issue where attempting to edit an old draft email would show a blank pop-up