Powerful built-in calling

Close helps you simplify your tech and reach more leads with less effort.

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Core calling features

Close supports your outreach and streamlines your workflow.

Use existing numbers or add lines

Don’t want to switch numbers? No worries. Retain––and add––main lines at any time.

Prospect globally

Get local phone numbers in the country of your choice, and make outbound calls to ~200 countries.

Transfer, forward, and automate calls

Manage outbound calls with ease, and leverage Workflows for powerful outreach automation.

Track, record, and review

Listen to past calls, and use them to train new reps and monitor progress.

One-click voicemails

Drop pre-recorded voicemails, then quickly move on to your next call.

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Analyze calling insights with helpful reports

View calling activities across your team. See total calls made, calls by user, duration, and more.

Advanced calling power, built inside the CRM

Supercharge your sales process with user-friendly, intuitive features. No additional fees or integrations required.

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Power Dialer

Double your outbound call volume when you burn through lead lists automatically—without switching apps. Pause to update lead data, then resume without losing your place. No answer? No problem. The Power Dialer will move right along.

Predictive Dialer

Ready for next-level call automation out-of-the-box? The Predictive Dialer calls multiple numbers at once. When a real human answers, it immediately routes an available sales rep to that call. Less dial tone, more closing.

Call Coaching

Get in-app, real-time Call Coaching to support new and seasoned reps alike. Listen, whisper, or barge based on a rep’s needs.

Close is the first and only CRM to offer powerful in-app call coaching features at no extra cost to Enterprise Plan users.

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Call Assistant

You’ll never need to take notes again. Your Call Assistant will automatically transcribe and summarize each of your calls to help you be more productive than ever. While you’re focusing on the conversation, Call Assistant is producing an accurate, searchable summary with action items for you to tackle after you hang up.

Trusted by the worlds fastest growing teams

For sales reps that need to make phone calls, I can't think of a better CRM. The Power Dialer is a game changer.
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Sam Sharpe
Transport Agent, Nations Auto Transport
sarah haselkorn avatar
It really changed the game of our outbound strategy. We saw a 60% increase in efficiency across the team in terms of output and productivity.
Sarah Haselkorn
Head of Sales, MakeSpace
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You don't even need to pick up the phone and dial—just press one button and you’re already on the line. The call is automatically synced inside your lead.
Jovana Trifunovic
Sales Manager, Case3D
Our call rates have nearly doubled because my reps have simplicity and a smoother workflow. Leads are warmer, which makes sales easier. All because of our CRM.
Chandler Hatch
CRO, TRU Colors