Reach more leads with less effort.

Power Dialer

Double your outbound call volume when you burn through lead lists automatically. Make 300+ calls a day, easily.

Predictive Dialer

Increase reach rates when you call multiple numbers at once. When someone answers, the call software immediately routes it to an available sales rep.

Customizable Settings

Get local phone numbers in the country of your choice, and make outbound calls to ~200 countries.

Focus on selling, not sorting.

We’ll take the admin from here. Close is call tracking software you can rely on.
Log, forward, and transfer calls

Close automatically logs calls made and received, plus call durations for easy reporting.

Record and review calls

Listen to past calls directly in your Close timeline. Use call recordings to train new employees and monitor progress––and download and share calls with one click.

Leave one-click voicemails

Leave effective, pre-recorded voicemails with easy automation, then move on to your next call. No more waiting for tedious messages to record.

Analyze call insights

View calling activities and sales call reporting across your team in seconds. See total calls made, calls by user, duration, and more.

Make global calls

Reach prospects anywhere with simple and straightforward pricing, charged only per minute.

Rely on great audio quality

Get crystal clear call quality with Close. Our engineers work hard to provide any troubleshooting right away.

Simplify your tech + lower spend.

The built-in calling system is one of Close’s biggest advantages over other CRMs.

Save time each day by using one centralized CRM for all your outreach and communication.
Get global phone numbers, voicemail, recording, SMS, Predictive Dialer, and Power Dialer.
Save costs by cutting out other VoIP systems and call recording apps like RingCentral, 8x8, or Five9.

Increase revenue with built-in call coaching.

Close is the first and only CRM to offer powerful in-app listen, whisper, and barge features at no extra cost to Business Plan users.

In-app, real-time call coaching to support new reps remotely.
Retain top performers to maximize deals won.
Streamline your tech stack to grow your bottom line.

A calling system sales reps love.

Adrian Isaac
Head of Sales & Customer Success at Countfire

Loving the call coaching feature. It’s the piece that we needed to train up how we want. I was able to jump on a call with a rep where I picked up a number of crucial aspects that will make their next call even better.

Sarah Haselkorn
Head of Sales at MakeSpace

It really changed the game of our outbound strategy. We saw a 60% increase in efficiency across the team in terms of output and productivity.

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