KrispCall CRM Integration

Log all KrispCall interactions in Close. Personalize service with a comprehensive client record, even in future interactions. Gain data-driven insights to improve sales, customer support, and overall business telephony.

With KrispCall and Close, you can take advantage of the following benefits and more:

Click-to-Call: Initiate calls directly from Close contact records without switching apps or manually dialing numbers.

Automatic Call Logging: Every KrispCall interaction automatically logs within Close after the call, including duration, type, and caller information.

Centralized Customer Data: Unify customer data like call details, contact information, and interaction history within Close for a holistic view.

KPI-based Report Dashboard: Access a dedicated report dashboard with KPIs based on your KrispCall data to identify areas for improvement.

Enhanced Customer Experience: Agents can access complete customer information during calls, enabling personalized interaction.

Improved Workflow Efficiency: Eliminate app switching and automate repetitive tasks like call logging, freeing up time for agents.

Deeper Data Visibility: Gain insights into your business telephony with data from both Close and KrispCall to make informed decisions.