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Fast setup

Close takes just minutes to fire up. And rep onboarding? Give us a few hours––not weeks.

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Simple, but flexible

With Custom Activities, Custom Fields, and Custom Objects, you can customize Close to work for you.

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All-in-one selling

Calling, SMS, Zoom, and email + calendar integrations. It’s all included—no additional apps required. Use Close on mobile and desktop apps.

Salespeople love Close

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We get absolutely raving reviews from our sales and customer support teams using Close. Even our co-founders are very happy.
Marko Mrkonjic
Director of Sales @Trufan
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Bar none: velocity, learning, quick KPI reports, and training––every rep I train thinks Close is the greatest thing ever.
Kyle Stremme
Partner @High Kick Sales
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Close is the single best CRM, and I’ve used them all. It has increased my follow up rate by at least 50%. It’s a salesperson’s dream.
Grace Edison
Sales Coach @Sunny Lenarduzzi

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In this free, on-demand demo, you'll see how Close's sales automation tools help thousands of reps double their revenue.