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Prospect and manage leads like a pro.

This Close Sales Academy course will propel you into the prospecting universe armed with the best tips, tools and techniques to get hundreds of new, quality leads.

Hear from Close experts on prospecting, lead generation, lead management, qualifying, creating your Ideal Customer Profile, and so much more.

Meet your coaches

Steli Efti

CEO of Close

Steli Efti has helped more than 200 venture-backed startups build and scale their sales process, closed thousands of deals worth tens of millions of dollars, and trained thousands of sales professionals. 

Liz Stephany

Customer Success, Close

Liz is an attorney by education, but working in technology is her passion. She's built relationships across many industries, selling to everyone from small business owners to C-level executives.

Nick Persico

Director of Sales, Close

Nick is the Director of Sales and has over a decade of SaaS startup experience under his belt. He says that most of what he has learned about business has come from growing up in his family’s pizzerias on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

Kate Petrone

Sr. Account Executive, Close

Kate is a Senior Account Executive at Close with over a decade of sales experience. Since 2014, she has helped thousands of businesses refine and optimize their sales processes, all while consistently achieving above 100% of her own sales quota.

Included in this course


Dig deep into what sales prospecting looks like today—as well as the best tips and techniques to give you an edge in the market.

Ideal Customer Profile

Craft the perfect ideal customer profile! Learn what it is, what it can do for you, and how to create the best one for you.

Cold Outreach

Arm yourself with tips and techniques on cold email and phone outreach, to turn up the heat on your cold prospects. Don’t get left out in the cold.


Discover the power of referrals: how to ask for them, how to integrate them into your pitch, and what you should do after every new referral.

Prospecting Channels

Explore the primary prospecting channels (email, phone, and social) and ways to determine the best ones for you.


Learn the best ways to score and qualify your leads to determine which deserve the majority of your attention. Qualifying can lead to better sales calls and improved conversion rates.

Lead Management

Learn the steps of lead management, how to research your prospects, how to manage your leads, and how to treat them (along with some examples).

Certification Exam

Earn your prospecting and lead management certification to proudly display on your email signature and social media profiles.

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A few kind words from our students

Marko Mrkonjic
Director of Sales @Trufan

We get absolutely raving reviews from our sales and customer support teams using Close. Even our co-founders are very happy.

Michael Occhipinti
VP of Sales @Naturebox

If Salesforce is ‘Microsoft,’ then Close is ‘Apple.’ As a sales leader, the reporting in Close gives me everything I need.

Kyle Stremme
Partner @High Kick Sales

Bar none: velocity, learning, quick KPI reports, and training––every rep I train thinks Close is the greatest thing ever.

Grace Edison
Sales Coach @Sunny Lenarduzzi

Close is the single best CRM, and I’ve used them all. It has increased my follow up rate by at least 50%. It’s a salesperson’s dream.

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