The CRM Buyers Checklist

Take this checklist on the go to help you choose, vet, and evaluate your top CRM options.

Get the 14-step process to choose the right CRM, PLUS 12 questions to ask your CRM vendor.

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Choose your CRM wisely.

A CRM is one of the most important tools for your business—it's where your essential customer data interactions are stored. Our extensive, in-depth CRM buyers guide walks you through every step you should take when choosing a CRM. Combined with this checklist, it equips you with the knowledge you need to find the best CRM for your team.

Struggling to find the right CRM solution? Try Close.

Close is the no bullsh!t CRM trusted by thousands of startup and SMBs to accelerate their sales.

Seamlessly track every lead and customer touchpoint, with all your team communication in one central platform (calling, emailing, SMS, and video).

Featuring 8 templated assets for easy customization.

Case Study Template
Competitor Comparision Chart
Case Study Template
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500+ pages of actionable tactics and advice with sales contributions from over 30 sales and SaaS leaders
Steli Efti
CEO of Close

In 2011, we started a "Sales As A Service" business called ElasticSales. The vision for Elastic was to build a sales infrastructure to empower startups and companies. We started hiring top sales talent, opening offices and signing up clients. We needed to hire salespeople, fast. However, there was no VP of Sales to manage this.

How could we quickly scale our sales team and get all those new reps productive in minimum time? We didn't know what the best practices for sales hiring were or how to properly recruit, interview and train sales reps.

So, we discovered our own approaches and shortcuts to building a high
performance sales team. What started out as a motley assortment of tactics over time evolved into a more coherent system for hiring sales reps.
For the first time, I'm sharing our playbook in a well-structured and actionable way SO you can build your team much faster than ever before. :)

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